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WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It is easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) . In this category learn all tutorials related wordpress . About how to create , use and manage your wordpress website from basic to advance level .

Avoid Plugins Or Take Care Before Install Plugin In WordPress – Learn Why ?

Why avoid plugin or take care before install on wordpress Wordpress is most popular blogging script . As well as there are thousands of free...
Yoast seo plugin status fields

Solution-Error “No Meta Description “- Yoast SEO Plugin 3.0.1-

Error  "no meta description has been specified " Error: "no meta description has been specified....... " . Yoast SEO Plugin is very popular search engine...

WordPress -Set Default Thumbnail Image For Posts

What is Default Image Thumbnail in Wordpress Default thumbnail of post is called dynamically when no thumbnail is used or uploaded for specific post ....

How To Uninstall WordPress From XAMPP Localhost

Uninstall Wordpress from localhost Wordpress is a favorite script of web bloggers and web designers . In Offline wordpress installation is best method for test codes...

ShortCode – What Is ShortCode In WordPress

What is shortcode ShortCode is term used in wordpress . Short Code is built in feature in wordpress . Short codes are introduced in wordpress...

Solution – Unable To Delete Plugin In WordPress

Solution - Unable to delete plugin from wordpress dashboard When this error come you are unable to delete or uninstall plugin from wordpress dashboard . This...

WordPress Plugin Error -Unable To Create Directory

Error : Wordpress plugin installation "unable to create directory" This error comes when you try to install new plugin in wordpress or update and old...
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4 Steps To Install WordPress In Cpanel ( Apache Server ) And Use It

WordPress is a worlds most popular website and blog making tool .WordPress installation is very easy . Even without coding and programming knowledge you...

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