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WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. It is easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) . In this category learn all tutorials related wordpress . About how to create , use and manage your wordpress website from basic to advance level .
admin account in bitnami

Install WordPress On Local Pc With XAMPP Bitnami WordPress ( Install on localhost )

Wordpress is a words most popular ready to use script to create website or blog . Developers preferes to run a website offline before...

How To Uninstall WordPress From XAMPP Localhost

Uninstall Wordpress from localhost Wordpress is a favorite script of web bloggers and web designers . In Offline wordpress installation is best method for test codes...
Responsive youtube video without wordpress plugin

Responsive Youtube Video In WordPress Without Plugin

Steps to Create Responsive youtube video without wordpress plugin To insert Youtube videos in wordpress most of all iframe tags are used . By default...
Click add new button to Add New User

WordPress Guide-Add New User From Dashboard

Step by step Guide to add new user in wordpress from dashboard Login to Wordpress Dashboard: To add new user in wordpress administration login is...
function.php file in wordpress

What Is Function File, function.php In WordPress

What is function file Function file is a theme file in wordpress theme. Each wordpress theme has a unique function.php file. All of theme functions...
Create New Php Wordpress

WordPress- Create New Php File In WordPress Theme

Add new .php file in wordpress theme For personalized wordpress themes custom .php files are very important. By default you can't create new php file...

Solution – Unable To Delete Plugin In WordPress

Solution - Unable to delete plugin from wordpress dashboard When this error come you are unable to delete or uninstall plugin from wordpress dashboard . This...

Reduce WordPress Loading Time Using PageSpeed Insights

Tips-How to Reduce Wordpress Loading Time Using PageSpeed Insights A fast loading website is key of success of website.According to google's research ,website take more than...

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