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What is a Gravity Sensor , Its Working And Usage

Gravity sensor A sensor is a device which detects or measures a physical property and records, indicates, or otherwise responds to it when implanted in other...

Remove Red Eye In Images In Printing In Epson L800 Series Printers

Step by step guide to remove red eye in image in epson L800 series printer In epson L800 printer user can remove and reduce red...

Solution -Buzzing Noise in Speakers Of Computer (Noise in Speaker)

Solution for noise in speaker(buzzing sound speakers) Buzzing noise or static noise in computer speakers is not a problem of speakers . Some of solutions...
Proxy-Server-Definition and Working

Proxy Server Definition – Its Uses , Working And Benefits

What is Proxy Server Proxy Server is a server or web server . A proxy server may be a computer or a software . It...
Tor Working

What is TOR Software – Its Uses , Working & Features

What is TOR TOR is a software or web browser . It is a free software . It is used to communication between computers and...
Tor Web Browser to access Darknet

What Is Darknet or Dark Net – Its Features And Specifications

What Is Darknet A darknet or Dark Net is a network which is created in multiple layers . It is a favorite network of hackers and...
Firmware Added In Rom

Firmware Definition – What it firmware of device

Firmware Definition Firmware is a software or program . It is used to run computing hardware ,devices or machines . Firmwares are set of instructions...
Login to ADSL Modem Router

Upgrade Firmware TP-Link ADSL Modem Router

Step by step guide to upgrade firmware of TP-Link Modem Router To upgrade firmware (software) Tp-Link ADSL Modem Router follow these steps . Read this...

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