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Windows is a operating system software created by Microsoft corporation . In the category learn how to manage you microsoft windows pc such a installation and uninstallation and other useful tips and tricks such as
  • Registry Editing
  • Backup and Restore
  • Defragment
  • Disk Clean Up etc for maintenance of windows
Speed up windows devices using these tips and tricks .Learn from basics to advance tutorials and articles of Microsoft Windows . Learn also about Networking and protection about pc
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Configure Microsoft Outlook With Webmail Or Custom Email

Step by step guide to configure webmail or custom email account with Microsoft Outlook With configure webmail custom email id with Microsoft outlook user can...

What Is System Restore And How To Undo Changes In Windows

What Is System Restore System restore is a Microsoft windows tool to undo latest hardware and software changes . Sometime when user install a new...

“Require Administrator Permission” Unable To Delete File -Solved

Require Administrator Permission To Delete File Error "you require administrator permission to make changes to this folder" at time to delete file in windows. This...
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Brute Force Attack-Definition And Security Tips

What is Brute Force Attack Brute Force is a technique to crack the security of website or application. This is one of the way used...

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Adsense Site Level Policy Violation Causes And Solution

What is policy violation in adsense Google makes adsense policy according to their advertisers . Suppose every act and behavior which can harm the advertiser...