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How To Change Permission-Cpanel Permissions Definition


What is Permissions in cpanel

Permissions is a feature provided in cpanel for control files access by others . Permissions can control 3 things of a file  .By changing user can set that who can read ,write or use the information of specific file .

Permissions are a very useful to secure you website or web application from any unauthorized access .

In it users are categorized in three types , Admin user , Network Users and Public

Change File Permission
Change File Permissions

Permission types

So, a file with “777″ (or 4+2+1 / 4+2+1 / 4+2+1 )permissions would then readable, write-able, and executable by the user, the group and everyone else in the world. As you might expect, a file that is assigned a permission code that gives anyone on the web the ability to write and execute it is much less secure than one that’s been locked down in order to reserve all rights for the owner alone.

Of course, there are valid reasons to open up access to other groups of users, but these instances must be carefully thought out in order to avoid creating a security risk to your website. For this reason, a good rule of thumb is to set your permissions as follows:

  • Folders and directories = 755
  • Individual files = 644

See the page for lean more about web security tips 

In this panel you can set three types of permissions .

Read : When you check this box , you provide read only permission to user ,group or public . They can only read the information ,but the can’t execute the information or modify the file .

Write : When you check this box , you provide write only permission to user ,group or public . They can only write the code or modify the information but not read and execute it .

Execute : When you check this box it means you can authorize user to run the  executable code .

So hope you will understand , if you set read,write and execute to yes then it means you set the permission to 777 and authorize the user to do anything with this file . He/she can read this file ,edit this file ,execute this file if it is executable or delete this file .

Understand the user types

In the permissions form , three type of user are defined

User :  is used for admin users . These settings are used only of website owners .

Group: this type of users is used for a group or authors of page

World: In this type all of public users are selected . Suppose if you set any file”Read” permission to yes in ” World” column then it means this file is visible to all of the world on internet .

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