Four steps to change Visual setting in windows 7 7

Visual setting in windows 7 is a feature to speed up system. By using this feature you can speed up computer performance. Disable some non usable visual features of windows you can reduce stress of processes or ram .

Go to control panel: Go to start and click on control panel .Under the control panel go to system and security.

System And settings
System And security

Click advance system settings: Under the system and security page ,click on system tab.Click on advance system and settings.

Advance system Settings
Click on System To change Visual setting

Select performance options: In the system properties click on “Advance” tab .In the performance section click settings button.know performance options page open.

performance ,settings to change visual setting in windows 7
performance ,settings to change visual setting in windows 7

Enable or Disable Visual Effects: In the performance options page ,select visual effect tab. Select custom button to change custom visual setting.Enable or disable your desired visual options from the menu. Click ok to save the settings.Restart computer to take settings to effect.To see more details about change visual setting in windows see this video. Video