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Check Your Gmail Account Hacked Or Not


Check Your Gmail Account Hacked Or Not

Before few days of writing the article ,Russian Bitcoin forum posted hack data and passwords around 5 million google accounts of the world.It means about 5 million Gmail account hacked.

Check Your Gmail Account Hacked
Check Your Gmail Account Hacked

But the google officials deny this news and said that all of the google data is safe and no data is theft.According to The Daily Dot, the Web’s most comprehensive source for original Internet-community news, Google representatives told Russian media a lot of the data is outdated, and the user who posted it claims that around 60% of the passwords are current. Also leaked were accounts for Russian services Mail.ru and Yandex, and it appears the data was collected over years of phishing efforts and other hacks without actually compromising any of the companies’ databases.

One most impotent thing  if the data or password is outdated but still it is not safe, because a anyone hacker can steal the new passwords, by Using this data

At that time it is not proven that any data is stolen or not.But after it is verified that some data is posted on bitcoin. So the best way to be secure check that your google or yandex account data is leaked or not, Follow the easy steps.

  1. Click here . this will open a new page.
  2. Fill your Gmail or yandex mail accout name in the text box field.
  3. click on the button check it.
  4. If your account is safe the you will show

No! Your account probably is not in public access! However, we are strongly recommend to change your password periodically. – See more at: https://isleaked.com/results/en#sthash.JKzr6TgY.dpuf”

5. If your account is not safe then the message is displayed

Yes! Account xxxxxxxxxxjan26@gmail.com is found! First two symbols of password is: 26. Immediately change your password!

I recommend you to change the password is both conditions.If your account is safe also. For secure password follow the rules.

  • Password must minimum 8 characters.
  • New password is the combination of capital alphabet, small alphabet, special character and numerics. for example password:    “TER@cv12

For video tutorial How to check Gmail Hacked see the video