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Four days Of Chenghai International Toy Fair


All about Chenghai International Toy Fair

Four days of the seventeenth session of the Chinese Chenghai International Toy Fair in Shantou City, Chenghai Exhibition Center ended. During the exhibition, from the European Union, South America, Middle East and so on more than 50 countries and regions, and many domestic city merchants have to go to a toy feast, to create a win-win situation, and meet again next year continued “wedding day”.

the play during the fair, “creative”, “upgrade” to become the fair play during the period of “research” cooperation exchanges and seminars focus, many people in the industry, the cultural and creative integration of traditional industries, small toys can also achieve “change”.

Chenghai International Toy Fair
Chenghai International Toy Fair

Intelligent toys by foreign customers in Chenghai International Toy Fair 

recently, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter saw at the exhibition site for fair play, from the “sound and light control skating Doll” to the “CX 20 six axis remote aerial flight instrument” and then to “remote boot”, many exhibitors toys enterprises have come up with the latest fashion “housekeeping” products to attract from Chinese and foreign businessmen around.

, Austrian flying animation engineer research and development center in the exhibition site, flying toys to many customers demonstrated an “induction”, the series of flying toys can be through the implementation of “real rally on the frequency”, each craft was “light sensing laser” shot 4 times: “falling slowly”.

Remote video car in Chenghai International Toy Fair 

an Israeli buyers told reporters, he is the three consecutive year, came to Shantou Chenghai to play fair, Chenghai toys change from static to dynamic toys toys quickly, so he was very surprised, the introduction of new products of local enterprises every year which made him feel very strange.


in this play during the fair, the reporter found that the Chenghai toy industry enormous energy, only a year in 2014 the output value of more than 35100000000 yuan, and with the Austrian flying animation, star interactive entertainment, HWTOYS technology, Qunxing Toys 4 has been successfully listed on the financing of enterprises accounted for 80% of the toys, the toys the total number of listed companies, and the district Jiada early, little white dragon, Chengxing model has also been in the “new three board listing financing”.

for Chenghai toy industry pattern, Guangdong Province Toy Association President Li Zhuoming said in an interview with reporters, Chenghai toys in the 80’s of last century, the only processing some low-grade static toys, in the 90’s of last century the slowly can make the electric toy, then clear.