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China printing Practical tips on paper and plastic film processing detachme


Paper from the influence of reason, the smoothness of the paper, evenness, moisture content, the performance of the plastic film, the thickness of the printing ink and auxiliary materials consumption,China printing, temperature and pressure when the paper-plastic composite production environment health as well as temperature, relative humidity, and so will the final result of paper-plastic composite have an impact!

Paper from solving method

1. ink ink too thick, causing the adhesive penetration and diffusion, making paper and plastic detachment. Approach is to increase the coating amount of the adhesive and to increase the pressure.

2. The ink is not dry , the composition of residual ink solvents weaken the adhesive force is formed from paper and plastic. Once treatment is the product of the ink is dry, then the composite.

3. printed surface residual powder will hinder the adhesion of paper and plastic film, paper and plastic from forming. Processing method is the use of mechanical and manual mode after erasing the printed surface of the silty complex.

The operation process is not standardized, the pressure is too small, machine speed faster, resulting in paper-out. Approach is in strict accordance with the process and standards, an appropriate increase in coating pressure, reduce machine speed.

5. The adhesive is absorbed by paper and printing inks, paper coating amount insufficient to cause detachment. Adhesives response by manufacturers reformulated and requirements to determine the amount of glue.

6. The plastic film surface corona treatment is not enough or more than the use of, the process faces failure caused from paper and plastic. Corona should be standard film coating on a plastic substrate or update Corona plastic film.

7. In the case of single-component adhesives, paper and plastic due to lack of humidity caused by detachment, should be based on a single component adhesive processing of humidity, artificial humidification.

8. Make sure the adhesive within the warranty period, according to the manufacturer requires storage and use, such as automatic rubber mixing machine in good condition, to ensure that the ratio of accurate, uniform, fully.