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Compiler – Definition And Working Of Compiler


What Is Compiler

Word Compiler is make with compile . Compile means to compose from other materials or sources . In computer language compiler user to computer code in machine code .

In the other means compiler is an interpreter who convert computer code to machine code .

Understand Compiler

When user write any computer code in some kind of computer language like c ,c++ , java etc . Computer’s , microprocessor didn’t understand how to handle this code .

microprocessor only understand assembly language (machine code) . Assembly language in very complex to understand and write .  Machine code of a even two line computer code is very complex .

So a mediator is required who convert computer code to machine code . It is the compiler . Compiler are the special programs who converts the computer code into machine code .


Following is a simple code of language c to display “Welcome in c ” . User write this code in any text editor and save it as c language file . When user try to run this file nothing happens .

#include <stdio.h>
main () {
printf( "Welcome in c");

This is because to run this code file computer required that , this file must be interpreted in machine language . In this condition special application is required who convert this c language code in machine code .

Turbo c , GCC ,Eclipse are some of famous compiler programmers for c language . When user installed one of this application and try to run this computer code through this compiler .

Then it converts c language code into machine code . And as the result “Welcome in c ” massage is displayed on screen .