Complete Process to Change old currency note of 500 , 1000

To exchange old currency notes of 500 and 1000 you have required form fill the anexture-5 form and fill it yourself .Without this form you can’t exchange your old notes . So don’t panic . Many people are frantically trying to think of ways in which their money can be changed.

Step 1 Get Photocopy Of Your ID proof

First of all, you have required Photocopy of only one of your Identity proof (ID proof) from the followings .

  1. Voter Card
  2. Addhar Card
  3. Driving Licence
  4. Passport
  5. Pan Card
  6. Identity card issued by Government Department.
  7. Identity Card issued By Private service sector .

You have required only on ID proof for change notes.

Step 2 Download And Fill Exchange Form required

Here’s the request slip that you can download for the exchange of old denomination notes. Download 500-1000-old-note-exchange-form PDF format and print one copy . You can also print take the print of the following image (form.jpg) .

Fill the form

500-1000 note exchange form
500-1000 old notes exchange form

How much money can be exchanged Per day

One person can change only 4000 /- rupees per day.

Can anyone other exchange my currency from bank ?

No, other person can’t  exchange you currency .

In which bank Branch i can change old notes 500- 1000 ?

You can change your old currency from any of your nearest bank branch with get you id proof and exchange form .