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What Is Computer Programming – Definition


Computer Programming

Computer programming is a process of computer coding which are used to create a software or computer application to solve problems or do large calculations .

In one line definition :  Programming is set of instructions to do specific task is specific sequence .

To solve the problems an executable code structure is created . Process of creating this code structure is called computer programing . A complete executable pack of these codes is called software or application .

What is programming can do

With programing an computer programmer can develop new algorithms to analyze data , do calculations and many other complex functions .

programing is required to find a sequence of instructions that will automate performing a specific task or solving a given problem.


How to do programming

As you read , computer programming is a process to develop new algorithms to solve problems . To do this complex codes are required . These computer codes are written in programming language such as c , c++ , vb , FORTRAN , pascal etc .

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This programming language use to write computer code (set of instructions ). When a programmer write a code to develop a program this is known as source code of the program .

To write these codes or programming IDE , compiler and debugger is required .


In this example a computer program is created to display “hello word” on screen using c language . 

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf ("Hello World");
return 0;

How It Works

Working of Computer programming is done with languages . Using these languages computer code is written . This code is readable by human but hardware or machine can’t read this code .

Compiler translate this programming code into machine code so machine can’t understand this code and do the function that is defined in the programming code .