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Configure Microsoft Outlook With Webmail Or Custom Email


Step by step guide to configure webmail or custom email account with Microsoft Outlook

With configure webmail custom email id with Microsoft outlook user can access emails on desktop or laptop .User can also save emails offline to read them later .

  1. To configure custom email id with Microsoft Outlook login to your Cpanel .
  2. Then Go to emails section in Cpanel page and click on “Webmail” . In webmail page login to your email id using your e mail id and password .
  3. Click on the link “Configure Mail client” . Choose the version of your Microsoft outlook . Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft outlook Express is listed in the page .
  4. Go back to Microsoft outlook application and find installed Microsoft Outlook version .


Mail Client Configuration page to find server settings
Example : Mail Client Configuration page to find server settings


If your installed Microsoft outlook name or version is not listed in “Mail Client Configuration ” page then you need to configure it manually .

All of server settings and port settings are displayed in “Mail Client Configuration” page as shown in upper image .

Find Outlook Version



To find Installed Microsoft Outlook Version ,open application . Click on “Fill” menu and then go to “Help” tab . In the right side of the page version name is found as seen in the following image .

If your version is not listed in the page ,then you have to configure it Manually . But if your outlook version is listed in page , then you can configure it automatically .

Manual Configuration

  • To configure Microsoft Outlook manually with Webmail email id ,login to cpanel . Then click on “Webmail” in “Mail” section .
  • Login to webmail using email id and password . Confirm the logged in E mail id ,it is display on page .
  • If you want to login as different email id then click on logout button and change email id and password to login with different email id .
  • After login ,application page is displayed . Click on configure email client button link . In this lesson i use “Non SSL Settings ” to configure .
  • In the settings details page ,go to “Non SSL Settings” .
Add Account in microsoft outlook
Add Account in Microsoft outlook



Go back to Microsoft outlook application . Click on File menu and then click on ADD Account .

Select “Manually configure server settings or other server types” in the account creation page and click “Next“.

In Choose Service page ,select “Internet E-mail” and click “Next” .

In internet e-mail settings page fill the account details .




User Information

  • Your Name: Choose any user name for this account .
  • E- Mail Address : In this filed fill your E mail id which you want to configure .

Server Information

  • Account Type: Select the option “POP3” from drop down menu .
  • Incoming Mail Server: Incoming mail server name find in webmail page as shown in following image . server name is just as “mail.yourdomain.com” .
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) : Almost SMTP server name is also same as incoming mail server and found in same page .

Logon Information

  • User Name : Fill your email id in this field .
  • Password : Email login password here .

Click on More Settings Button

After that click on test setting button if setting as correct the process in completed successfully .After that click on “more settings” . In internet E-mail settings page click on outgoing server tab .

Check the check box “My outgoing server(SMTP) require authentication” . Select “Use same settings as my incoming server“.

Click Next button and then finish button to finalize settings . Now you can send, receive and download emails on your desktop .


Automatic Configuration

As i tell previously ,automatic configuration method is only working if installed version of outlook is listed in “webmail configuration page” .

Suppose you have installed Microsoft outlook express in your desktop , then click on the link in front of  it to download configuration file to desktop .

This is an .reg or registry file . After download , download click on the file to install registry .

After registry installation , your Microsoft Outlook Express is configured with your custom email id in webmail .