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Configure Dreamweaver With Web Server – With Video Help


Step by Step Tutorial to configure Dreamweaver with web server

Dreamweaver is a software for website designing . It have built in features to edit HTML , PHP and other web development languages . User can edit , change and maintain his live website using Dreamweaver .To control your website from your desktop you need configure Dreamweaver with your web server .

This is a really good feature of this application .

To do this you need to configure your Dreamweaver to server to manage live website . Follow these simple steps to do this

Step 1 Create a website folder on Local Drive

First step is most important part to configure Dreamweaver to your web server or your hosting server . For this , go to start menu and open Dreamweaver . In the window click on HTML in create new page .

An html page with some html coding is displayed on the page . On the top menu click on site tab then click on new site .

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site setup settings
site setup settings

In site setup page click on site tab and write the site name . Suppose i want to configure Dreamweaver to my website tectrick.org then settting are as followes

Site tab settings

  •  Site name : tectrick
  • Local Site Folder : create a new forlder on desktop with name tectrick.org and browse this folder by click on folder button in the local site folder field .
Add server Button
Add server Button

Servers tab setting

Click on the servers tab and then click on( + ) sign button to add server

add Server settings
add Server settings
  • In the server name  field write server name you can choose name for as server name .
  • In connect using tab select FTP .
  • In ftp address field fill your ftp address . If you don’t know your ftp address then ask from your web host . And in the port name leave it( 21 ) .
  • In username field fill your username . Fill the username which you used to login to Cpanel or Admin panel to you web host.
  •  Fill the password . password is also same which you are used to login to cpanel or admin panel .
  • Type public_html in the Root Directory field .
  • After all this click on test button . If all is right then a confirmation message is displayed on screen . Then click save button to save the work and close the window .
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Connect to server button
Connect to server button

After that click on connect to server button . It is located in lower right side of the screen under database tab. Wait for while Dreamweaver is connected to web server . After connection public_html folder and other folders are displayed in the database tab .

Know Dreamweaver is configured to your web server

In the next article learn how to maintain and  edit live website using Dreamweaver

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