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Content Policy

Tectrick niche is to provide the reader a good and valuable content as well as good user experience .So Tectrick strictly comply the content rules to serve good quality content to the users of tectrick.org. At the same authors and contributors of tectrick have also coply the content rules .

Author must have comply the TecTrick content policy to publish on www.tectrick.org .

Content Type

  • Content must not be copied from any other website.
  • Spam and self promotional articles are not accepted .
  • Violent ,Porn and pirated content not accepted

Hyperlink Quality And Redirection

  • URL Redirection is not allowed . Author or Contributor have no authority to redirect the hyperlink to other URL . The redirection is also treat as spam or as misuse of website . In first attempt author get a warning email to solve the issue and remove the redirect from content . If the issue is not resolved the article is deleted from www.tectrick.org with in 3-4 days. In future if the same issue comes from the author , the author account is disabled and ip address of the author is permanently blocked .
  • Use only related hyperlinks in content . Suppose article topic is computer hardware and hyperlink url page is about “cooking reciepies” ,the hyperlink is treated as un useful link . And hyperlink is removed by our system .
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Create a Quality Content

Our main niche is provide a quality content to readers . So only well written and well formatted posts are accepted .

Help To Create Quality Content

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