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Content Quality Guidelines

Please be aware that Tectrick is an how to website, and our mission is to share knowledge to benefit people .Tectrick is not a place to promote a company or product or person. Please keep this in mind, always.

We publish “accepted content” in high quality .By “high quality” we mean spam free , non self promotional, with great value to the readers. Please make sure that anything you write in Tectrick is based on facts .We strictly block spammers , so make sure your content doesn’t look like promotional post.

If you are writing first time in Tectrick then we have some recommendations for you .

  • Article or post must not be too short – looks like empty page and must not be long looks like bunch of text .Recommended minimum 300 words and maximum 850 words
  • Hyperlink is the best way to provide your reader an reference .When you insert an hyperlink in your post it means you provide reader additional detailed information about the specific content .So we recommend you have to insert internal and external hyperlinks in your post .But it doesn’t mean that we allow spam hyperlinks .So make sure we take immediate action on spam hyperlinks or links for your web page promotion .As action your article could be deleted and your account may be suspended permanently .Please read our hyperlink policy also .
  • Don’t use unethical methods to promote your post or article such as spamdexing (Stuffing lots of keywords). Always write genuine .
  • Your article should contain neutral views about product ,person or company.
  • Image are powerfull method to convey your message to reader as well as search engine .So you should insert minimum one image about your post . Make sure you can’t post any copyright or someone’s personal images in your post .
  • We also recommend you to manage your content with headings , sub headings , bold text and bullet point according to your content . So reader can easily read and understand .Reference- Read it before write any article .
  • With writing you automatically accept term and conditions of Tectrick as well as privacy policy of Tectrick
  • Read Also : content-policy

If you still have any question contact us .