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What Is Cortana , its Working & Features


What is cortana, How to use it and its requirments

Cortana is a new software in windows 10. This software is like a personal assistant for windows users according to microsoft. This feature provide personalize experience to windows 10 users.Read what is software.

cortana in windows for Pc
cortana in windows for Pc


It is a software like Google Now of android phones. But the main diffrence between Google Now and Cortana is that ,Cortana has more features including creating and modifying notes.

Cortana is a search software in windows 10 and Advanced Windows Phones. Cortana has inbuilt voice recognition system. When user type any question or just speak any question after tap on icon. it understands the question find answer from web as well as from local disk and display the answer.

What user can do with cortana

Cortana is like a virtual personal assistant. User can create daily notes, Calendars, handle and manage and modify appointments. All this work is done with just speak the line.

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To get started with Cortana, just type a question in the search box on the taskbar, or select the microphone icon and talk to the application.


  • You are created a reminder with this application, for 3 feb . To change this reminder tap on application icon and speak change my reminder of 3 feb to 4 Feb. And your reminder is changed to 4 feb.

Cortana is a clever and intelligent virtual personal assistant. It can search the web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calenda at same time.It is very helpful software .This software learns about user and use this knowledge to when it give answer to you.

  • Suppose you ask or type the question. What is my name ? . Cortana collect the infromation from your device and your web data a display or speak the answer of your question.
cortana for windows phone
cortana for windows phone

Requirements for using cortana

According to microsoft is built in feature or software in windows 10. So window 10 users no need extra requirements. But to using voice recognition or answer feature a mic and speakers are required.

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But for using it on windows phone no external hardware is required for cortana.

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Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software. For more infromation on cortana click here