What is cPanel

cPanel is a control panel for Linux-based hosting accounts and servers. cPanel is the premier (paid) control panel.

It automating and simplifying server configuration, email, and website management. For doing some common work on server, like add domain name, create files, upload files and hosting controls etc are very complex work without any simplified panel.

cPanel is user friendly and automated panel to control these functions without deep knowledge of server side coding. User can easily manage many aspects of his account, including the files, applications, and hosting on server.

Aspects that can controlled with cPanel


cPanel A Brief Knowladge
cPanel A Brief Knowladge


As shown in image you can control many features of server with cPanel.

  • In “preferences” section you can edit your login cpanel login password. You can change you contact information . you can also change style and lanuage of cpanel in this section.
  • In “mail” section you can create new email accounts for your hosting application of website. Change mail account passwords.
  • In “Files” section of cPanel you can create backup of your web directory, create new file on server, upload and download files. In this section you can create and manage ftp accounts  and disk space on server.
  • Logs tab register all of activities on application or website. It create logs of last visitors of on your page, raw access and bandwidth etc.
  • Security section is used for make secure your website or application on web server. You can password protect your web directories, manage ssl certificates, and blocked harmful ip address.
  •  In the Domain  section you can add new domain on server, create sub domain, set redirect of domains and subdomains.
  • Database tab in cPanel provide facility to access to database, create new database, change user of database, change data passwords and backup and restore of database.
  • With software and services tab, you can use all of the pre installed softwares and services for your application development.
  • Softaculous Apps Installer is a application installer software. With it’s use you can install scripts like wordpress, prestashop, joomla, drupal etc without coding knowladge. Learn What is softaculous .
  • You can access advance features of server in Advance tab . You can compress file and images, check new domains, handle Apache server etc.

All of these features and works are handled by without any coding knowledge.

cPanel login
cPanel login

How to access cPanel dashboard

If you have your oun server than cPanel is a paid application so you can buy it from http://www.cpanel.com/ . But if you buy hosting from other web host , he provide you cPanel login name and password.

Your web host provide a URl to access to your web directory on server. This url is password protected you can access this url by the username and password provided by your web host.