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CPU-Central Processing Unit Of Computer and Its Parts


What is CPU ?

CPU of computer is also know as central processing unit .CPU is used for processing data,do calculations, retrieve stored data and many other complex functions in computer .CPU is the brain of any computer .It is an electronic part of a computer. It is the combination of many microprocessors .Microprocessors are the very small size electronic circuits


what is cpu
what is cpu ?

Basic Working of CPU

Central processiong unit working is complex . To understand it with a example .


suppose a computer user use the computer for doing calculation like 5+5 .When user give the input 5+5 from keyboard (or any other input device) .The input device send the data to the processor processing .Processor translate this data in machine language or binary language and find the result .After that display the result (5+5=10) with help of other hardwares such as RAM and Graphic card .

Central Processing Unit or CPU

Internal Parts

A Central Processing Unit works with combination of its internal parts .It has some basic internal parts that control and run all operations.

  • Control Unit
  • The Arithmetic/Logic Unit
  • Temporary Storage Areas
  • Memory and Storage

Control Unit

The control unit is a first part or component of central processing unit to handle all operations or data processing activities. Control unit tells or control the computer’s memory, arithmetic unit/logic unit and input and output devices to how to respond for program instructions.

Arithmetic Unit

Arithmetic Unit recieve the input data in the form of electronic signals and convert into binary .The Arithmetic unit of the cpu process the data by using the arithmetic operators.

Temporary Storage Areas

After process the data by the arithmetic or logic unit,it forward to store in temporary storage of cpu .RAM is example of temporary storage unit .

Memory And Storage

After that processed data send to the next part memory or storage .Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive are the example of memory and storage .After that data forwarded to Control unit for next step what to do, if it is display on screen or store in memory of hard disk.