How To Create Shadow In Photoshop

To Create Shadow in photoshop take these simple steps.

Step 1  :

Open the adobe photoshop and click on File>New. Select width 8 inch, height 8 inch ,resolution 350 px Background content white.

Step 2 :

Select the text tool and then write any text on the screen. For example i write “text”.

Step 3 :

Then click on window tab and find layer tab and click on it Or press F7 . This Function enable the layer pallet view on screen. On The layer pallet find the function tab .This looks like fx. Click on it and select blending options.

Step 4:

Know select the drop shadow and select Blend mode “Normal”. Select distance “32 Px”, Spread “14 %” , Size “81 Px”. Then click on ok button.

This will create the drop shadow in text.With this technique you can create drop shadow effect on images and text.