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WordPress- Create WordPress Plugin, Steps For Begginers


Step by step guide to create wordpress plugin

What is wordpress plugin

Word plugin is combination is two words “plug + in ”  .A plugin modular plug-in software. WordPress plugins are combination of software or compact functions. In this article learn how to create wordpress plugin.wordpress plugins increase functionality of  WordPress site.

It is very easy to install and uninstall plugin in wordpress. After installion of plugin , your website add more functions with is stored or executed by the wordpress plugin.

Features of a Plugin

  • It Requires specific, unique Header text.
  • Plugin Is stored in wp-content/plugins folder.
  • A Plugin is applies to all theme and it  executes only when it is activated via the Plugins section of wordpress dashboard.

How to Create WordPress Plugin

To create a simple basic plugin follow these steps.

You have Minimum requirement to create a WordPress plugin is , One plugin folder in plugin name and .php file with same name of plugin folder. To understand this as follows.

Login to cPanel and the go to file manager. Then click on public_html folder. After that go to wordpress installation folder. Locate wp-content/plugins folder.

Right click on plugins folder and create a new folder in it. Rename the folder and write the name of your new plugin.

Suppose i want to create a test plugin. Create a folder with name “test” folder in the plugins folder. Create a new php file with name test.php in the test folder.

Open test.php file and edit it. To edit file right click on it and select “code edit” . Paste the following code in test.php .

*Plugin Name: Test Plugin
*Plugin URI: http://tectrick.org
*Description: This plugin is test plugin created by tectrick
*Version: 1.0.0
*Author: Manu Mahajan
*Author URI: http://tectrick.org
*License: GPL2

These are commenting lines required for start plugin. In first line you specify your plugin name . Choose a unique name for your plugin .In second you can specify plugin url. second line is optional. Third line plugin description is displayed on plugins section of wordpress.

All of other line are optional. In version you can define your version of your plugin. Author and author url lines are also optional.

create wordpress plugin
create wordpress plugin

After paste the code save file. Know your plugin is visible on plugins page and ready to use after active it. This is the basic file on any plugin. But this plugin is not useful yet. Because in the plugin file has no function or hooks.

By adding functions, hooks, filters, javascripts and css you can create diffrent types of plugins.