How To Create A Youtube Channel (With Video Help)



Step by step guide to create a youtube channel

To create a youtube channel you will need a google account . If you don’t have a google account then create it . Read this how to create a google account .But if you have a youtube account then go to .

Click on sign button and then sign in it with your google account or gmail account .

Sign in youtube
Create Channel

Create New Channel

Create new channel
Create new channel

After sign in click on the tip right icon . Then click on Create Channel tab .

A pop up box is displayed .Close this pop up box ,and click o create new channel button .

Add details

Add details
Add details

In channel page fill the required fields .

  • Write any name in Name your channel field .
  • In select a category ,select the category from drop down menu for it .
  • Check (√) to i agree to pages terms and click the button Done .

Write description

After that click on channel description tab . Description is short description of your channel . It represents that with type of video content are in your channel . So choose a short and meaningful description for your channel .

Add Icon

click on pencil icon
click on pencil icon

To add a icon on the channel art image click on the pencil icon and then a popup box is displayed . Click on EDIT On Google+ button ,this will create a new google+ page for your youtube channel .

On google+ page add a profile photo and click ok . When you add a profile photo in your google plus page it will be shown in as youtube channel icon after some time .

Add channel art 

Channel art is a visual description of your youtube channel ,so choose or create a descriptive image for it.

Click on add channel art button to add image it it . You can upload image from local computer or choose image from gallery and set it to as your channel art image .

Now your youtube channel is created ,but it has no videos in it .