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5 Steps To Create Youtube Channel (With Video Help)



When you are going to start youtube channel and you don’t know how to start ,then this article is very helpful to you .In it ,you will learn how to create Youtube Account and create youtube channel

Step by step guide to create youtube channel

To create a youtube channel have a google account .You have to create a new one of you can use any old gmail account .If you don’t have a gmail account then create it .But if you have a youtube account then go to youtube.com .

Sign in youtube
Create Channel

Click on sign button and then sign in it with your google account or gmail account .

Create New Channel

Create new channel
Create new channel

After sign in click on the top right icon . Then click on Create Channel tab .A pop up box is displayed .Close this pop up box ,and click o create new channel button to start youtube channel .

Add details

Add details
Add details

In channel page fill the required fields .

  • Write any name in Name your channel field .This name is your channel name . You can change youtube channel name in future .
  • In select a category ,select the category from drop down menu for it .
  • Check (√) to i agree to pages terms and click the button Done .
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Write description

After that click on channel description tab . Description is short description of your channel . It represents that with type of video content are in your channel . So choose a short and meaningful description for your channel .

Add Icon

click on pencil icon to start youtube channel
click on pencil icon

To add a icon on the channel art image click on the pencil icon and then a popup box is displayed . Click on EDIT On Google+ button ,this will create a new google+ page for your youtube channel .

On google+ page add a profile photo and click ok . When you add a profile photo in your google plus page it will be shown in as youtube channel icon after some time .

Add channel art 

Channel art is a visual description of your youtube channel ,so choose or create a descriptive image for it.Click on add channel art button to add image it it . You can upload image from local computer or choose image from gallery and set it to as your channel art image .

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Now your youtube channel is created ,but it has no videos in it .