Video license -Standard License And Creative Commons license

The word license is used to authorize some one else to use the release of something. In youtube website ,it provide two type of licenses. This is called video license. Standerd license and creative commons license.

When user upload new video to youtube, he/she must be select the license type in License and rights ownership field. In this field user select two types of Video license -Standard License And Creative Commons license. Know understand these license types.

Go to advance settings of video
Go to advance settings of video

How to change License and rights ownership

To change license and rights ownership in YouTube video login to your youtube account. In the youtube dashboard Click on My Channel. Then click on the video manager.  And then click on Videos. 

Select the video for which you want to change license. Click on Edit button, on right side of the video. Know go to Advance settings tab . Select license type from the drop down list on license and rights ownership.

Standard License And Creative Commons license
Standard License And Creative Commons license

Standard License

Standard license is the default video license type in youtube. When user select standard license in youtube, other people can only watch your video. No one can download , modify or redistribute the vedios which are under standard license.

Creative Commons license

Creative Commons licenses grant someone else to permission to use your videos.It is also known as CC license. Anyone can download ,recreate, edit or redistribute these videos. By selecting CC license user allow everyone to edit of commercially use his videos.

By mark your video with a Creative Commons license, you are granting YouTube community the right to reuse and edit that video. Read more about CC licenses.

For example user can edit Creative Commons license videos . Save this work and monetize this video on even, youtube .

Good Standing in youtube
Good Standing in youtube

Eligibility to mark video to creative commons license

Following minimum requirements videos are eligible to mark creative commons license.

  • If user upload a video that copyright-protected by other or company , You can’t mark this type of videos creative commons license.
  • Content is created by you original ,then you mark it as creative commons license.
  • Only the user,in which  youtube account is enable good standing eligible to mark youtube videos creative commons license.
  • All video uploaded by others marked with a CC BY license are also eligible.

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