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Creative Printing upgrade trees can provide renew


Advance 3D printing

Energy demand is growing in many parts of the world in the felling of trees as firewood. In Finland VTT Technical Research Centre scientists are studying a way to use 3D printing to replace the artificial tree felling and be able to obtain energy from the environment. This tree is by artificial 3D printing technology to achieve, and to print a solar cell as a leaf.

I am trying to find a way to get energy from the environment the way when, VTT Technical Research Centre targeting the natural world. After the simulation by their inventions, trees seem to be the perfect solution to provide energy needs. Artificial trees are made three-dimensional printing and printed electronics technology from the combination, according to the current specifications, providing enough energy for small devices such as mobile phones,China printing, humidifiers, thermometers and LED bulbs.

3d printed trees Where leaves as solar cells
3d printed trees Where leaves as solar cells

Leaves of the trees is the use of printed flexible organic solar cells made of this proven technology. Each leaf has a separate power converter, create multi-converter system, so that he collected from a variety of sources of energy, such as solar, wind and heat energy. More solar panels in the tree, it can gain more energy, stems and branches are manufactured using 3D printing technology, made of artificial materials developed by the VTT use.

The trees can be used in a variety of environments, because they not only get the energy from the sun, but also obtain energy from the wind and temperature changes. According to the printing technology involved, VTT Research Center shows that such a tree can be infinitely replicated, it can be mass-produced. Although still a minority, but if there is such a vision, VTT research center will soon be able to let you see the whole forest. Although the scale is small, but the research team showed that energy harvesting trees scalable, can simulate real-life trees.