Home computer Custom Mouse Settings in Windows Step By Step

Custom Mouse Settings in Windows Step By Step


Custom Mouse Settings- Button,Pointer and wheel scroll settings in windows

In Microsoft windows you can custom mouse settings in windows.You can change button functions.Increase or decrease speed mouse pointer speed and change other functions.To customize mouse settings Go to start and then control panel.

Go to start and then control panel
To change custom mouse settings  go to control panel

In Adjust your computer’s settings section, click on hardware and sound.Click on devices and printers.Under devices tab locate mouse icon.Right click on it.Click on mouse settings.

Right click on mouse icon to change mouse settings
Right click on mouse icon to change mouse settings

Button settings in mouse

Button Configuration: buttons tab mouse button click speed is increased or decreased.Click on button configuration checkbox to change primary mouse buttons.It means if you checked the check box then right click button of mouse work as left button and left click button of mouse as right click.

Double click speed:In double click speed section you can select,double click duration speed of mouse.Suppose set double click speed to fast.Then it means mouse double click only works if time between two clicks is very low.

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Click Lock:In Turn on click lock section if check box is checked then mouse single click lock object to drag anywhere. click to apply settings

Mouse Pointer settings

In the pointer settings you can change pointer shape and shadows.

Mouse pointer options
Mouse pointer options

Pointer Option settings

Motion:In pointer option settings section motion speed and visibility of cursor can be changed.In motion section drag to slide on slow to slow the cursor speed.And drag to slide to fast to increase cursor speed.

Snap to: This mouse option is used to automatic movement of mouse on default location.

Visibility:When this option in clicked a tail is display behind pointer trails to on mouse movement.

Mouse Wheel settings

In this section vertical and horizontal scrolling of mouse is controlled.Fill the line counts number in the vertical scrolling field.Suppose you fill number 3 in the field and apply changes.Now when mouse wheel is scrolled once,the screen goes three line up.

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Custom mouse wheel settings
Custom mouse wheel settings

For scroll entire screen with one scroll of wheel ,check the option “one screen at a time“.Click the video link to Video-How to customize mouse buttons.