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What Is Database And Why Required In Computer Applications



Term database is combination of two words Data and Base . Data means collection of some type of information . And Base is basics terms . Database is the way to collect and manage the data (information) in structured and well maintained manner .
All the collections of data which are structured and in which , information can be accessible very easily are called database .

In computer applications ,database is the set of structured data . In the database information is stored in tables ,rows and columns in the form of small sets.

User can easily access the specific and accurate information in less effort .


In a school there are 110 students in the fifth class . all of the students have different names ,age ,address and role no. etc . All of the students details , are students data . And collection of this data is called database .

Why database is required

The information or data may be written (stored ) on register of written (stored) in computer . Now the next step is why the database is required in computer applications .

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See the upper example . in this 110 students are in the class ,with different details . Some of students details are same with other student . Just like three students with name “Jone” . Age is also “17 ” of two students between these three .

Now database filter commands provide specific information of specific “Jone” is few seconds . To manually refine this information it take lot of time as mush as the database is large.

As much as students count increased in the class may be 500 or 1000 + then it is impossible to find specific information manually . Creating and maintaining database solve this problem

How to create It in computer application

As creating other software’s in computer , to create a database that is compact is easy to access an programming language is required . SQL is a language , in which it is created .

SQL language codes are written in SQL editing software such as MYSQL . MySql is a free and open source software to write and edit SQL .

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Syntax of SQL in not so complicated as other programming languages such as c , php , vb or html etc . Some sample SQL commands and syntax are as follows .


SELECT columnName FROM tableName

In this upper example Keyword “SELECT” is used for select the table from which data is extracted . columnName is the name of column. “FROM” keyword is marked data is extracted from which table . And tableName is the Name of the table .