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Find Database Name of WordPress website At Config.php


How to find database name is wordpress folder

In wordpress database name is required when you want to change of recover database . To find wordpress database follow these simple steps.

You can find and change database name of your wordpress from wp-config.php file in wordpress installation folder .


Locate wp-config.php

Login to cPanel and go to file manager . Click on the public_html . Locate wordpress installation folder of website . Find wp-config.php in the folder . This is wordpress configuration file .

Right click on it and click to code edit . Go to the line mysql database username . Locate the following lines in wp-config.php .

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'mmtyw7mm_co820');

In the second line “mmtyw7mm_co820 ” is like database name format . Click here to see video for help

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