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Debugging Definition and what is Debugger


What is debugging

Word Debugging is made with “De” and “Bugging” . It means remove a bug from any computer program . Bug is a error in any computer coding . Debugging means remove these errors from the coding .

When you create a computer application , at that time by mistake some coding error are exists in program coding . These error are creating problems at the time of install or run your computer program .

Procedure of remove these errors called debugging . Debugging is required to clean you coding and run you applications without errors .

debugger to debugging errors
debugger to debugging errors and break point in red color


In your computer coding if you make some error then you are required to remove these errors . In small coding you can find error manually . But in large number of codes ,it is difficult to find or remove errors  manually .

In that case a special program is required ,which can find and remove errors with some simple steps . These special programs are called debugger .


debugger programs may have also special features . You can check you code one by one using debugger to find coding error .

You can create break points to find errors from your coding . Break point is a feature of debugger . with break point you can define that upto which specific location code is executing . In the above image red colored dot in a break point example of debugger .


For example if you write a ten lines codes and you make mistake in coding in eighth line of code .To find this error debugger is used .

Create breakpoints one by one . At till seventh line code is executed correctly . When you create a breakpoint on eighth line and run program ,it shows error and cause of error . With this way you catch the error or bug and debug your program .