Built in or inbuilt function are that type of functions which are already defined or created in a program or in programming framework . User don’t need to create these type of functions . User or developer can directly use built in function by only call it .

This function is built into an application and can it can be accessed by end-users with simply call it .


In Microsoft excel spreadsheet SUM() function . User can directly call this function on cell to calculate sum of some values .

Some of built in functions are as follows

Most usable onclick() function of java-script is an built in function . Developer has no need to create this function . This function trigger the code on mouse click .

In PHP , htmlentities() is also a inbuilt or built in function . It is used for display HTML tags as strings in php .


In computer programming and web development ,built in functions are very useful . With use these types of function ,developer create more creative application with less effort . One other benefit is ,these type of functions provide more flexibility to your application .So your application can be compatible with other platforms or other applications .