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Definition of Protocol And its usage In Computing


What is Protocol

Protocol in the set of rule and regulations . In IT (information technology) two electronic devices connect and communicate with each others with special rules.

These rules are called protocols .

These are the standards that defines the syntax and semantics . It sync of communication and possible error recovery methods. Protocols can also be implemented by hardware or software .

Protocol definition
Protocol definition

Many common types you are heard such as

These standard set of regulations and requirements provide error free data transfer or communication with in two electronic devices .

In protocols , rule are specified that how to compress , extract and transfer data by the device .

It also determine how data transmitted between devices and over networks. It define error control and data compression methods.


A user type a web site url in web browser http://www.example.com . In this URL ,world “http” is a sign of hyper text tansfer protocols with tells the web browser to deal this string “www.example.com” with rules of HTTP or hyper text tansfer protocol