Definition of Url and how url works

what is url

Word  URL is short form of  Uniform Resource Locator. A url is looks like a text string used by Web browser and other softwares to identify a network on the Internet. Networks resource are files that can plain Web pages, text documents, graphic or applications.A Uniform Resource Locator  has three parts.

Definition of Url and its working
Definition of Url and its working
  • Network Protocol
  • Host name and Ip Address
  • File Location

Uniform Resource Locator (U R L))example is this example http:// is a type of network protocol. “tectrick ” is host name and “www” is location of file.

Working of Url

When internet connected computer user type the web address string (u r l) in web browser and click enter.Then Browser send the request to server  for display specific web page .Server firstly read protocol(http://) of url,then read the host name ( and convert the host name into ip address (example: ). If the page is found then browser the web page or application.

As read on upper part url is a text string. Uniform Resource Locator is a web address of a website or a application. So it is obvious, Uniform Resource Locator is the first thing with which anyone other connect or visit a specific website.If url string is easy,remember-able, strait forward and meaningful than anyone can easily find and visit your website.