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Diffrence Between General Website , Blog And eCommerce


Blog , Website and eCommerce website , these are most known terms on internet .Most of internet users are confused with it . This article will help you to determine difference between A blog, A E commerce website or a general website .

Website are basically classifieds in three types according to its usage . In this page learn types of websites , difference in these type and specification .


These three types are

  • General Website
  • Blog
  • eCommerce Website

General Website

General website are used only for display there products like catalogs . For example :http://www.samsung.com is a general website . You can see that only products catalog or product list is displayed on this website. And on the website there have no educational or general purpose knowledge materials as well as no products are sole on it .

These type of sites are not updated on daily bases . Updates are done according when new product or service comes in store or new service is launched .

In These type of sites viewers can only view the content of webpage or product . He can’t buy product or service directly from website .


Blog is a most common type of websites . All of web sites update regularly are called blog . In a blog content of material is uploaded and updated regularly . Blogs are typically run by an individual or small group .

The individual or small group write the content in informal way . Almost all of blog are not commercial and provide the information for free . Blogs are typically used to earn money or share knowledge . Learn how to earn money from blog .


The Huffington Post is the worlds most popular blog .

eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website is the other popular type of websites . As its name represents e + Commerce . All the web pages and websites in which viewer can buy products and services , directly from website with doing online payment are called eCommerce website .

Basic difference in eCommerce and other websites is that eCommerce sell products or services .eCommerce Website are like online shop . On eCommerce website payment gateway integration is used to accept payments. Payment gateway is the method ,tool or software , which provide a website to receive payments .

eCommerce Example

Amazon.comeBay.com , Walmart.com  , Bestbuy.com are some popular examples of eCommerce websites .