Before create a website you have required some basic knowledge about types of websites . This will help you to choose a best for your type . Website are basically classifieds in three types according to its usage . In this page learn types of websites , difference in these type and specification .

These three types are

  • General Website
  • Blog
  • eCommerce Website

General Website

General website is that type of site which are used like catalogs . These type of sites are not updated on daily bases . Updates are done according when new product comes in store or new service is launched .

In These type of sites viewers can only view the content of webpage or product . He can’t buy product or service directly from website .

Suppose is website of toy manufacturer . Owner of the website upload toy images and prices on this website . When user come on this website he/she can only see the toys images only .

Any toy can’t be purchased from website by doing online payment . In these type of websites updates are occasionally such as ,new product add, new service addition etc.


Blog is a most common type of websites . All of web sites update regularly are called blog . In a blog content of material is uploaded and updated regularly . Blogs are typically run by an individual or small group .

The individual or small group write the content in informal way . Almost all of blog are not commercial and provide the information for free . Blogs are typically used to earn money . Learn how to earn money from blog .


The Huffington Post is the worlds most popular blog .

eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website is the other popular type of websites . As its name represents e + Commerce . All the web pages and websites in which viewer can buy products and services , directly from website with doing online payment are called eCommerce website .

Basic difference in eCommerce and other websites are payment gateway integration . Payment gateway is the method ,tool or software , which provide a website to receive payments .

eCommerce Example ,  , are some popular examples of eCommerce websites .