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Domain Authority A Detailed Story – Importance And Tricks To Increase


Domain authority and seo to increase ranking

What is Domain Authority

Domain authority is less known but very important metric for a website .It measures the power of a domain name .It is one of major factor to increase ranking according to many search.It plays a great role in SEO of a web content .DA is based on three factors: Age of domain, Popularity, and Size. This metric is developed by MOZ .

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Backlinks And DA

According to Neil Patel “Domain authority is based on a lot of factors such as how many backward links are pointing to your website” .

For Example:–A blog www.example.com gain a backlink from a high quality or high ranking website such as facebook , stackexcahange . It means the high rangking website are talk about example.com . That is a good qaulity backlink ,primary factor to increase domain authority .

Backlinks for seo and da

Understand it with an other example . You started a new website before few days . That  have no back links . It means search engine algorithm think that this website have not sufficient or valid content at present . After few months ,some other popular websites talk about the content of your website . This change will gain some domain authority .

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SEO Tricks to Improve DA

DA can’t be influenced directly using seo tricks such as keywords , meta data etc . So you can’t gain High DA by manipulate your seo . But it does’t mean you have need to focus on seo. I only told ,SEO can’t influence the domain authority drectly but SEO is a indirect source to DA

SO improve your overall SEO is the best way to influence this metric .

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Create Shareable Content

As i wrote in upper section ,A brand new website started domain authority is 0 . To increase it focus on the content of your website which is the first and the major trick to increase the DA. Because when your content is shared on internet then automatically conversations about the content are also increased.

sharable content for seo and domain authority

Use online Marketing method And Avoid paid

Use organic online marketing to increase genien traffic . Some popular methods of online marketing is as follows

  • Submit Quality posts to other’s website.
  • Use a community such as stack exchange to increase conversation where the reader ask questions . Provide them write solutions for the problem . Choose the content of question which is related to your website’s content . During conversation you can insert a link of your webpage which is also related with the question .As soon as your community is increased , Domain authority is also increased.
  • Paid marketing such as Adwords can’t improve your ranking and DA .Paid marketing can increase traffic but may not be valuable traffic.


Domain Authority metrics are incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web.

How To Measure Domain Authority ?

Domain authority is the metric created by MOZ . So you can measure Domain Authority using Open Site Explorer or the MozBar. All of these are the free tools.