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Adobe Photoshop Lesson- Shapes ! Draw Basic And Custom Shapes


In adobe photoshop you can create basic shapes and custom shapes with just select the tool . To use it ,open adobe photoshop application . create a blank document with any dimensions .

Draw Basic Shapes

To create basic shapes in photoshop such as circle ,rectangle, triangle octagon etc .Go to windows tab in top menu and click on Tools to display tool bar on screen .

Shape tools In Photoshop
Shape tools In Photoshop

Click on shape tools from tools bar and select tools to draw different type of shapes .To expand shape tool menu click on small triangle shape in lower right corner of Selected tool or press “U” from keyboard .”U” is a keyboard shortcut in photoshop . 

  • Click on Rectangle Tool to draw rectangle ,square etc .
  • Using second   “Rounded Rectangle Tool” you can create round edges rectangle ,squares etc .
  • In shape tool menu ,third tool is “Ellipse Tool” . Using this tool you can create round shape such as circles , ellipse etc .
  • Next is “Polygon Tool” . Using this tool you can draw triangle , polygon, octagon etc .
  • Line Tool” is used to draw lines .
  • In this menu last tool is “Custom Shapes Tool” .
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Custom Shapes

custom Shapes menu
custom Shape selection menu

Click on custom tool to select . In tool properties bar click on arrow icon in front of “shapes” to expand menu . All of default loaded shapes are displayed in this menu . Select the shape which you want to draw on screen by click on it and draw it on page.

Suppose you want to draw a heart shape on page the select on heart and just draw it by dragging the mouse on screen . That’s it . With this way you can create multiple shape in your adobe photoshop document with less effort .

Change Color Of Drawing

To change color of your new drawing click on “Colors” tab in properties menu and select color before drawing . Click here to see the detailed video .