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Dreamweaver – Uses ,Advantages And Disadvantages


What Is Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development software . It developed by Macromedia which is acquired by Adobe Systems  later. Adobe Dreamweaver is premium software . But user can user trail version to test this tool’s working . Downlaod dreamweaver Trail here .

It is a visual editor application . User can easily visually edit web page , so it provides user more friendly IDE to develop web application .

This is a best web designing tool and supported many web development languages such as HTML , PHP ,Javascript, CSS, Json , JQuery , Asp , ASP.Net etc .

Adobe Dreamweaver Split View
Adobe Dreamweaver Split View


Dreamweaver has many built in features just like built it debugger , code helper , free templates, Split view, remote website.  

  • Debugger help to find coding error . Suppose you write a wrong html code in input field then debugger intimate you to in which line error is displayed. Read this what is debugger .
  • Code helper helps users to  write code during coding by predict the code .
  • Using free templates user make a application with less effort . Using these free templates user can make a responsive and cool design with less efforts .
  • Split view helps user to see results immediately after code complete . In one window ,user write the code and in other window see the code output result ,without leaving coding screen .
  • It has a feature to open remote website. Using Remote website feature user connect Dreamweaver with web server . This feature provide developer to edit live website from desktop . When to change webpage on desktop and save it ,changes are applied on you live website . Read this- what is web server 


It have no any big disadvantage rest of this is a premium software . So you can’t your full features all time for free .

Second disadvantage is this is a complex to operate for new users . Tab and window are too small to not easy to locate .

Writing code in not tidy so it is not easy to read.

If you leave these disadvantages ,then adobe Dreamweaver is a good application to develop a web applications .