Learn about Dual core,Quad core and octa core processors and differences

What is a processor ?

Dual Core,Quad core And Octa Core Processor is type of Processors.Term Processor is used for an microchip which process the data with logical circuits.For easily understand assume processor is brain of computer of and computer controlled device.The processor ,process the instructions send by user or computer hardware and tells computer what and when to do anything. It also decides tasks sequence,which task runs first and which run after the first task.Processors are a part of CPU or it is a complete CPU itself.

Look Inside Dual Core, Quad core And Octa Core Processors
Look Inside Dual Core, Quad core And Octa Core Processors

Processors speed and performance

Speed and performance of processors measured with gigahertz. Gigahertz symbol is GHz . More GHz means more speed. It simply mean 1 GHz processor is better in speed comparing with 0.75GHz processor.More GHz means ability to do task more fluent way.

Processor Cores

A core is basic computation unit of the CPU.One core can run a single program context with accurate manner and correct execution order.For optimization purposes, a core can also hold on-core caches with copies of frequently used memory chunks.

Difference between Dual core, Quad core and octa core Processors

As the name shown Dual Core processors have only two cores.So it can only run two tasks in correct way and accurate speed.As wels as in Quad Core processor has four cores with big cache. So it is two times faster than dual core processor.It can process multipel instructions at same time.As the same Octa core processors have eight core and obviously a biggest cache than both of dual core and octa core processors.Octa core processors run multitasking easily and fluidly