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Difference In Dynamic And Static Web Application


What is dynamic and static web application

The term dynamic and static is used for web application or website on internet . As the shown from their names dynamic means , moving or active .In other side static means “not moving” or “fix state” . 

dynamic Web example
dynamic Web example

Dynamic Web Application

Dynamic Web Application is that type of web applicaion or website in which ,information is not sticky and constant . Facebook website is a popular example of dynamic web application .

when you go to www.facebook.com and login the website you can see your customize page view , just like special designed for you . Content only related you is display on the page . Any unknown person can’t see you Facebook page without your permission .


Banking websites are an other example . Gmail is also an example of dynamic app . When you login to your gmail account and go to inbox ,you can read your emails . No one other can see your emails .

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As same when other person open his own gmail inbox , he can see inbox only related with him .

In a dynamic web application ,content and information of webpage can be changed according user to user . In some cases user can modify data or information on server on page with privilege and controlled permission of website author .

Static web application

In static web application or static website information of webpage can’t be changed by the user of the application .   Website www.cranleighdc.com is example of static web application .

You can only see the information of this website . And information of static web application is constant and can not be changed by the visitor of the website. So it means visitor can’t modify any information of web server in static web applications .