Tips to insert or embed your complete youtube channel videos list in web page

To add or embed all your youtube channel videos on your website or webpage follow these steps . You can use two methods to embed them .One is using and youtube API and second in using an iframe tag . For use youtube API you have required very deep web programming skills . But insert channel videos using iframe is very easy . So in this article we read second method to insert channel in website of webpage .

HTML code to insert channel list

You have to just copy the following HTML code and paste it where you want to insert your channel videos list .

<iframe src="" width="780px" height="420px"> </iframe>

Copy the upper code and paste in your website html . Before save the changes just replace “Tectrickorg” with your channel name .Suppose your channel name is “Tecno tips” . Then your code is just like the following

<iframe src="" width="780px" height="420px"> </iframe>

in this code %20 is used for space . But if your channel name is without space then you have no need to add %20 . With this way your complete youtube channel videos list is inserted in the webpage.


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