Step by step guide to change the power button settings of keyboard or disable it

In the Multimedia keyboards there is a power button on the top of the keyboard . If it is pressed unintentionally then the computer is immediately shut down or sleep .The best way to prevent from this situation is stop its working in keyboards or change the function of it .

Go to Hardware and sound

hardwares and sound
hardwares and sound

To stop the working of this but ton go to start of windows or press windows key from keyboard and then go to control panel .

After that go to Hardware and sound .

Go to Power Options

Power Options
Powe r Options

Under the tab power options click on “change what the power button do” .

Disable It

Disable power button
Change button settings

Under the pow er button settings click on the drop down menu and the select “Do nothing ” . After that click on save changes .

After do this , It is disabled from your keyboard and it do nothing when it pressed intentionally or unintentionally .This method is only useful if you have multimedia keyboards . In non multimedia keyboards this tip is not required .