“A Printer’s ink pad is the end of its service life. Please Contact Epson Support “. It is an serious error in Epson printers. When this error comes , printer stop working . In this article we will track this error and solve it .

Cause of the Error

Epson Printer Both Red Lights Blinking - Tectrick

This error is due to printer’s Waste ink pad is full. When waste ink pad overflow the ink .. Two Red lights are continuously blinking in this error.


1. Solution

To solve this error user have two options . One in go to Epson service center and change the ink pad chamber and reset the waste ink counter, this is the very costly solution .

2. Solution

Second is Solve this problem yourself by reset the waste ink counter. WIC Reset utility is a free downloadable program to reset the ink counter . After Reset waste ink counter , turn off the printer and restart again .

Learn how to reset waste ink counter With WIC

That’s all your problem is solved .Now you can again print from using your Epson Printers .

Preparation Of Printer Before Reset

Before reset the waste ink pad counter, you have to change the waste ink chamber of your printer . Because When you reset the waist ink counter , the waste ink remain overflow in general printing operations such as on printer start and head cleaning .

How to Clean Epson Printer Head

Epson Printers Waste ink pad Looks Like - Tectrick

The ink overflow may damage the internal parts of the printers permanently .So change the waste ink pad before reset the counter .

Please Remember that , fatal error is not related to waste ink overflow , so it couldn’t be reset . It May be an hardware error .