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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Tectrick is an open platform to write posts and articles. So any one can write article on tectrick .

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Writing an article on Tectrick is very easy .Just click on login link to login to your account . If you have no account on Tectrick then click on register link and create your account . After the process login on Tectrick . Know you can write your post with two ways .

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After Login to tectrick dashboard click on ADD New tab to create a new post .


Then Type your post’s Title in the title field and write the content in the post editing area .


Use the tools from menu for text formatting such as create headings , text alignment , insert internal hyperlinks , external hyperlinks and adding images .

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Type the text for your title or subtitle and then click on text formatting drop down list from the upper menu .


Select the text and then click on desired title size such as heading 1, heading 2 etc .

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