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Firmware Definition – What it firmware of device


Firmware Definition

Firmware is a software or program . It is used to run computing hardware ,devices or machines . Firmwares are set of instructions which are written for read-only memory or ROM of a computing device.

It is added in device at the time of manufacturing. It is used to run user programs on the device.

Firmware Added In Rom
Firm ware Added In Rom



Modem and Router is a simple example to understand firmwares . In a Modem or Router has a ROM or read only -memory . And in this ROM a firmwares is added at time of manufacturing .

When user open Router or Modem using Web browser with localhost ( , Firmware is responsible to open it .

Basic difference between a software and firmwares is that, the user of computing device can install and uninstall  software .But firmwares can’t uninstalled by end user .