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Fix Whatsapp Web QR Code Not Working On Scanning Problem


QR code scan not working in whatsapp

Whatsapp Web QR Code is used to connect android whatsapp with PC browser . But sometime you face the issue that whatsapp is not connected with web browser even after scanning of QR code .When you try to scan QR code using android nothing happens To scan a QR code you have required a sharp camera  .This problem is due to low camera quality or old mobile phone .To solve this issue we use a trick .You have to increase the browser size and scan the code again using your android phone .

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Trick To Scan Whatsapp QR Code With Old Phone

Click on settings to zoom web browser

In your web browser go to whatsapp web link then press Ctrl and “+” button to zoom the browser size or go to the top right corner three dots then click on Zoom button to zoom in the browser window .

After that scan QR code again using your android . But this time start scan from bottom to top . For more help you can watch the video .

With the trick you can scan web.whatsapp QR your using your old smartphone or unclear camera smatphone with web.whatsapp on your PC web browser .

If still the problem not solved and scanning QR code scanning not responding then clear the cache of your pc web browser and try again .