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    Hello guys! i am getting two pan cards. One is for my personal use and another one is for my business. Shall i use two pan cards with my name? I have approached the experienced person for using the business pan card. I am getting the answer as possible to use the two pan card. But legal provisions are tells two pan cards are not allowed for a person. What are the various purposes of using pan card for given as ID proof? I need the general helps and some of company related uses about business pan card. My friend is given some of instructions for using two pan cards.
    I am getting some of transactions in online. I have used my pan card to get the money from bank. Another pan card is only used for company purpose. In that pan card is getting the name as my company. New ideas and different types of required matters are given with the documents. I need those details here. Please give new and different way of approaches about the pan card for company use. What are the various uses and reason for using company pan card?
    If i will change the company name means what are the proofs are need to submit? Advice and legal information about using 2 pan cards. My business all transactions are based on my pan card. So i cannot cancel it. Please give me the correct and suitable answer for me. I am tracking best way for using and i am also waiting for your reply here. My business name changed so i need to edit the name in pan card. Submit the required details to make changes in online. I am looking forward for your reply here. Exact details and real points are needed for me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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