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Gmail Filter-Find And Remove Specific Type Of Emails


Gmail Filter to Remove One type of emails from inbox

Gmail Filter is used to refine specific type for emails . Using this feature you can remove all of emails of specific email sender . To do this login to your gmail account .

Choose the sender email address to remove all emails .


abc@example.com is an email address . You want to remove all of emails of the sender abc@example.com from your inbox . Click on gear icon on the top right corner . Then click on settings .

In the settings page click on Filters and Blocked addresses tab .  Click on create a new filter link .

Create filter
Create filter
  • In the “From” text box write the email address abc@example.com . Click on the link Create filter with this search . After set the result for the match search .
select action for filter
select action for filter
  • Select Delete it by click on check box .
  • Select Also apply filter to 0 matching conversations by click on it.
  • After that click on create filter button .


When a message arrives from abc@example.com it is removed from inbox . All of older emails sent by abc@example.com to you are also deleted .

You can also delete this filter anytime . After delete the filter you can again eligible to receive emails from abc@example.com .