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Google Analytics-Stop My Own Page Views counting


How to stop google analytics stop my own page views counting

Google analytics is a traffic analytics tool for websites and applications developed by google.After create analytics id , user paste analytics tracking code in his website.This tracking code track developers own page views also.

To Stop tracking own ip and page views by google analytics follow these simple steps.

google analytics admin tab
google analytics admin tab
  • Navigate to the account name for which you don’t want to track own page views.In the upper tectrick is account name.
Create New Filter in Analytics
Create New Filter in Analytics
  • In the selected account click on “All Filters” tab. “Click on New Filter” to create filter.
  • In the filter name choose any name of write it.
Add new filter in analytics
Add new filter in analytics
  • In Filter type tap select “Predefined“.Select “Exclude” from the drop down list.
  • Next select “traffic from the IP addresses” to exclude the ip address from tracking.In the next tab select “that are equal to“.
  • In the IP address field fill your ip address.If you don’t know your ip than click here to find you IP address.
  • In the “apply filter to views” tab, select the available views from the list.For example in the image i select “All web site data” and “test” and click to add.
  • Click save button to save .Know google analytics didn’t track your own page views.
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To check ,this filter is working or not, Go to website or page. Know Check the Real Time tracking in google analytics .With the real time tracking you can track at present website visitors. If your location is not showing is real time tracking it means your filter is working well.