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Google glass

Google glass is a latest gadget in designed by Google . It is launched 15 May 2014. This is a innovative technology.Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display .Google entered in a partnership with the Italianeyewear company Luxottica, owners of the Ray-Ban, Oakley, and other brands, to offer additional frame designs.

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Google Glass


  • Take Picture
  • Record Video
  • Hangout with Google +
  • send Email
  • Get Directions

Working Of Google Glass

Google Glass can be controlled using “voice actions”. To activate Glass, wearers tilt their heads 30° upward (which can be altered for preference) or tap the touchpad, and say “O.K., Glass.” Once Glass is activated, wearers can say an action, such as “Take a picture”, “Record a video”, “Hangout with [person/Google+ circle]”, “Google ‘What year was Wikipedia founded?'”, “Give me directions to the Eiffel Tower”, and “Send a message to John” (many of these commands can be seen in a product video released in February 2013). For search results that are read back to the user, the voice response is relayed using bone conduction through a transducer that sits beside the ear, thereby rendering the sound almost inaudible to other people.