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Google Sitemap- Submit Sitemap To Google


How to submit sitemap to google

Sitemap is list of web pages which are submitted to google or other search engines. Google sitemaps are .XML format. you can create sitemaps manually , with plugin or online sitemap generator.

With submit sitemap to google your website’s visibility is  increased. Submit sitemap to google you need a google webmaster tools account. Read the article to learn step by step guide.

Step to submit sitemap to google

Login to your google webmaster tools account. If you have no webmaster account then you can login with any other google account. Select the website in search console.

Add sitemap url
Add sitemap url to submit sitemap

In search console dashboard click on crawl button and click on it. Then click on Sitemaps .Click on Add/Test Sitemap button at upper right side. Fill sitemap url in the field.

Test sitemap

Click on Submit Sitemap button. Know click on refresh the page link to check sitemap is working of not. You can submit more than one sitemap. But duplicate sitemaps are not allowed.

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Select to delete Sitemap
Select to delete Sitemap

Delete sitemap

All of submitted sitemaps are displayed at bottom of the page. You can delete sitemap from search console by selecting from the list. To delete sitemap check the check box in front of sitemap and click to delete button.

Click here to see the video help to submit sitemap