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Google Webmaster Tools- Submit Website To Google


How to submit content to google webmaster tools

What is google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster tools is a free service provided by Google. It helps web developers to  monitor and maintain website’s presence in Google Search results. By using google webmaster tools developer can find crawl stats and error of webpage ,which are not show in google search results.

Add website to google webmaster tools
Add website to google webmaster tools

To use google webmaster tools you need a google account. If you have a google account sign in with this account to google webmaster tools.

Step 1

Click on “ADD Property” button on the upper right corner. In “Add Property” pop up box enter your website url which you want to manage by webmaster tools.

Note:  http://example.com and http://www.example.com is take as different property .I recommend to choose the property without www.

verify website ownership
verify website ownership

Step 2

After adding property a website verification page will appear.  With this way google verify that you have authority to maintain specific website. Google Webmaster provide five ways to verify website ownership.

  • Html File Upload method.
  • Verify website by Add a meta tag to your site’s home page.
  • Verify by Sign in to your domain name provider.
  • Use your Google Analytics account.
  • Use your Google Tag Manager account.


But recommended method is “html file upload” mehtod.

Website verified message
Website verified message

After website verification a congratulation page is displayed. Click on the link “continue“. Know your website’s search console dashboard appears. This is the google webmaster dashboard.

At this time no data of your website is display in Webmaster search console. The reason is your web pages and images are not indexed and crawled yet.

Step 3

To include your webpage in google search results some of basic requirements which is done by you.

  • Submit sitemap to google. So google can index your web pages and images.
  • And use “Fetch as google ” .So google can easily render your content.

Within a week your website’s data is displaying in the panel. you can use this data to increase you search visibility and seo.