Block Low Paying Adwords Account

In adsense publisher can block low paying adwords accounts to increase revenue or selective ads . By blocking low performing adwords account you can improve you adsense earnings .Follow these steps to do this .

Login To Dashboard

To do this login to adsense dashboard .Click on “allow and block ads” tab from top menu .

Go to “ads review center” in allow and block ads page .

Find Ads(ads review center) tab and click on it. Mouse over on the ad which you want to review . Check the lower left corner to see the performance of ads . High impression score means the ad has good performance on your website and Low impression score means the ad performance is poor .


low impression score ads
low impression score ads


Suppose you want to disable a low impression score adword account . Then click on down side arrow button in front of “Block” button . And click the link “Block this ad account” .

When you blocked an adwords account , the ad account holder not place ads on your website . With this way you can block multiple adwords account ads for your website .

But before blocking adword account remember one thing that is, blocking multiple accounts from your adsense account can negative impact on your earrings . Click here to read more on it .